Garage "Bang!" Aug 2010

The Big Bang                                Aug 26, 2010

 At 1:05 AM last night an accident had us.

 I put it that way because Linda and I were sound asleep. The bang woke her; the telephone call from Vicky woke me. It seems that a sweet young Nepalese engineering graduate student friend of Will, Vicky’s roommate, had pulled into our driveway, left something off for Will, and then backed out of our driveway by flooring the accelerator in drive.

Drive he did. His beat up old car plowed through our garage door, taking out the center structural support (sustaining the apartment?), off-kiltering the two central structural supports en passant, crumpling the back bumper of our all-but-new Honda CRV, its next obstacle, and pushing the CRV hard enough into the back wall of the garage that it, too, was displaced more than a foot into the appended tool shed.

No one was hurt, not Janesh or Achyut, not Vicky or Will, not Linda and not I. Two were embarrassed and shaken, four were pissed. The police came, took pictures, and wrote down data.

And today . . . .    Bleary-eyed from lack of sleep. Nine phone calls –as of noon—without one substantive call back from appraisers, contractors, electricians, and two insurance companies. Our car is prisoner in the rubble. The apartment is sturdy (apparently), but electricity-less, all but the fridge. So the ice cream was saved.

I don’t know why we travel so much: there seems to be enough excitement right here at home.





 What we saw on Wednesday afternoon. An old old colonial stone & wood garage/barn.

What we saw on Friday morning. Oops.

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