Restoration of the old Garage

Finally!  The insurance adjusters came and went.
The new CRV went to the Honda garage and was repaired (Indeed, there was a major crack, underneath the car, invisible to the normal eye that needed work).

We applied to the Historic Commission to repair our garage (our house, and all others in historic Kingston Village are on the national historic register) -- and were approved. The Commission wanted to make sure that we could indeed find the old-style hinges and handles. And that wasn't easy.

But luckily we found Bill Rose, B&B Construction. He scoured all possible places and then went back to our detritus from the garage wreckage, and, lo and behold, most of the hardware had been saved. Bill bent, polished, painted, and loved on those ole hinges. What he couldn't save, he rebuilt.

And then Bill turned to the garage. He had to take out metal poles and he replaced them with old rough-hewn posts. He put a post in where one had not been, but should have been. He coated the cedar and built the doors piece by piece.

And was smiling all through the whole process.

Thanks, Bill. We love our old garage!