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On November 28, 2012, I boarded a USAir flight alongside David Gitlitz, he dressed in slacks & shirt, with his can't-lose-under-any- circumstances belongings tucked into his backpack. I held my dearest belongings in a nice Vera Bradley bag (a splurge to myself), and wore a pale green linen tunic and long-sleeved blouse. I tucked my ever present gloves & fleece into the suitcase.

Eight hours later, after having arrived, rented a car, and checked into a hotel, I turned around to find a man in shorts & golf shirt & hat, a pair of binoculars around his neck and a camera in his right hand.  He was muttering words like chachalaca, motomoto, oropendula. To which I could only respond “colibrí.”

Three hours later, after a guacamole and lemonade repast, I was handed a flash drive and encouraged to post Blog 1. With pictures, of course.

I now have a mild case of whiplash craning my neck looking for/at birds that dart through the tree tops and wrist pains from posting blogs every time we get to internet access.


Oh, woe is us.  Remember :

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December 16, 2012: 
Blog 5 about El Panchan now has pictures.
Blog 6 is being posted and the pictures are being added.   [Sue Offer:  this one's for you.]

ever-so intriguing 12/12/1212
And we are still in Palenque.
Blog 4 tells
of other things.
Blog 5 will reveal El Panchan

:  Maryjane, for you:  Sapos y ranas
Rio Lagartos, Dec 2012